Hey! Sorry we haven't updated commentto in a while, but the good news is that we have been working hard at our new venture, and we are happy to announce it to you!
Our venture, called VanillaGrape, is where we build delicious, free card games. Currently, we have launched our first game called "Memory" and it has 3 modes - "Original-52", "JAQK-16", and "Short-26". Each mode can be played with three difficulty modes - Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert.
Please take a moment to visit us at VanillaGrape, and check out the Memory card game. Thank you!
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Classy Freestanding Baths For Your Elegant Bathroom
2014-04-17 05:09:19
At Waters Baths we believe you should never just have a bath, you should love your bath... From our base in the beautiful spa
town of Ashbourne, we design exceptional freestanding bath tubs to complement bathrooms created by today’s leading architects
and interior designers.
When designing a bathroom all I could ever think is how to make it more classy and elegant, and when I think about elegant bathroom then freestanding bath would be the first thing crossed in my mind. The product can be a center piece of your bathrooms while freeing more space and giving more luxury look.
2014-04-17 05:09:19
Splashy Bathrooms For the Modern Home
2014-04-17 05:07:47
When it comes to the minimalist bathroom, less is definitely more. But less doesn’t have to mean boring. By understanding the essence of minimalist design, you can transform your bathroom into a simple yet luxurious, minimalist retreat by following four simple rules: assess your space, determine how you want to use it, find the right pieces to define the space, and add any final touches to make it your own
CV Writing Services Work by Highlighting Your Best Traits
2014-04-17 03:56:29
To get a job interview sometimes you must become more amazing in your CV but without exaggerated. This is the job of CV writing services, to make you standout while making more chance to get you into job interviews.
Career Tips: How to Turn Down a Job Offer | Work & Life | iDiva.com
2014-04-17 03:55:07
If you thought scoring an interview was all the job done, you're totally mistaken. No matter how desperate your job hunt has gotten, sometimes the job you are being offered just isn't right. It could be the pay package, the job profile, the timings or even the location. It's okay to not accept a job offer. The tricky thing though is turning it down. Here are a few must-knows when declining a job offer.
http://www.septic-tank.com/ is My First Place to Stop When I'm Replacing Septic Tank
2014-04-17 02:53:46
Are you building a new home? Are you on a shared septic system? Has your soakaway failed or become blocked? Do you need to replace an existing unit? Do you just need some free advice and help?
Living with a leaking septic tank can be dangerous and uncomfortable, if you are in this situation do not hesitate to open http://www.septic-tank.com/. This trusted septic tank vendor in UK is my first stop when any of that septic system leakage situation occur at my house.
2014-04-17 02:53:46
More than half of septic tanks fail to meet safety standards
2014-04-17 02:52:42
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that 224 of 423 tanks inspected under a new regime, or 53pc of the total, failed to meet basic standards designed to protect water sources and human health.
MORE than half of all septic tanks are failing to meet standards because homeowners are not carrying out basic maintenance.
2014-04-17 02:52:42
Gamucci España – Cigarrillos Electrónicos & E-cigarrillos disponibles en España y en todo el mundo.
2014-04-16 04:34:28
Fundados por fumadores, nos esforzamos por marcar la diferencia y traerte los mejores productos alternativos para fumar, presentando nuestra tecnología VaporCore ™ patentada.
El consumidor que ya ha vaporizado los cigarrillos Gamucci no vuelve a probar los cigarrillos tradicionales. Los Gamucci e-cigarrillos son más sanos, más baratos y se puede escoger entre 7 sabores totalmente diferentes desde el clásico sabor a tabaco hasta el delicioso cereza.
2014-04-16 04:34:28
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